Use Your Computer From Anywhere A Guide to Remote Controlling Your PC

Your home computer is the perfect machine. It's customized to your exact needs, runs all your must-have apps, and holds every important file you'd ever need to access. The catch: It's not exactly practical to lug a computer with you everywhere you go. That's where remote access comes in. Here are three dead-simple ways to control your home computer from anywhere—your laptop, phone, or even a friend's computer as though you were sitting directly in front of it.

We've talked about remote access countless times before, but if you're just starting out with the subject, it can be pretty overwhelming. You have a ton of different programs to choose from, some of which only work on certain platforms, and each of which has their own strengths depending on what you're trying to accomplish. Here, we'll share our favorite remote access methods for different situations, as well as alternatives you can try if our favorite doesn't work for you.

We've listed the cross platform options below for everyone, but there are also Windows-only and Mac-only programs for people that use the same OS on all their machines. Click your preference below to add its instructions to the guide.

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10 Best Professional Backup And Data Recovery Software For Windows 10
Backing up data is one of the most important things to do. As more, and more data are digital which includes all our work, photos we take when on tour or on special occasions, and not to forget that it’s getting almost impossible to get most of the work done without a working Windows PC. This is where the backup is very important, and it’s not a surprise that people keep ignoring unless either you lose your data or your PC crashes, and so on. In this post, we are sharing some of the best data recovery and backup software. These are professional, commercial, and paid software.

Backup and Data recovery software

1] CloudBerry Backup for Windows desktop
CloudBerry Backup for Windows desktop

CloudBerry Backup for Windows desktop offers multiple cloud storage support. You can choose between Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier, Windows Azure, Rackspace, OpenStack, Google Storage, SoftLayer, and others. Yes, of course, it also supports local storage, and network storage if you do not want to choose cloud-based storage.

2] Wondershare Data Recovery Tool
Wondershare Backup Solution

Wondershare Data Recovery Tool helps you recover deleted files. It works with photos, videos, documents, emails, music files, GIFs and other 550+ formats. The software also supports storage like flash drives, memory cards, mobile phones, cameras, and camcorders. The software offers a deep scan option which results in better recovery of data.

3] Altaro VM Backup
Altaro VM Backup

Professionals who run Windows in Hyper-V and VMware virtual machines can use Altaro. You can take a backup of all your virtual machines, and restore them in case you have issues with your virtual drives. Altaro VM Backup also features  ‘Granular Restore’ that lets you restore your backups on a file level. You will be able to extract individual files from the backup. This makes sure you don’t need to restore the whole OS for one file.

4] Ashampoo Backup Pro
Ashampoo Backup Recovery Software

Ashampoo Backup Pro is a powerful backup and restores solution which lets you create backups and store them at different places so that you are protected in all the scenarios. It offers native integration so you can backup not only to Local or network drive but also to OneDrive, Google Drive, DropBox, Strato HiDrive, 1&1, and MagentaCLOUD.Another important aspect of this tool that lets you recover your PC from an irrecoverable state.

5] EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard
EaseUS Data Recovery

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a very popular backup-restore software which lets you recover deleted or lost data, or data that was accidentally deleted or lost as well as one encrypted by Ransomware. That said, it also does its best to recover data from the hard drive which are physically damaged and computers which were attacked by crypto-virus.

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10 Best Professional Backup And Data Recovery Software For Windows 10
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