Use Your Computer From Anywhere A Guide to Remote Controlling Your PC

Your home computer is the perfect machine. It's customized to your exact needs, runs all your must-have apps, and holds every important file you'd ever need to access. The catch: It's not exactly practical to lug a computer with you everywhere you go. That's where remote access comes in. Here are three dead-simple ways to control your home computer from anywhere—your laptop, phone, or even a friend's computer as though you were sitting directly in front of it.

We've talked about remote access countless times before, but if you're just starting out with the subject, it can be pretty overwhelming. You have a ton of different programs to choose from, some of which only work on certain platforms, and each of which has their own strengths depending on what you're trying to accomplish. Here, we'll share our favorite remote access methods for different situations, as well as alternatives you can try if our favorite doesn't work for you.

We've listed the cross platform options below for everyone, but there are also Windows-only and Mac-only programs for people that use the same OS on all their machines. Click your preference below to add its instructions to the guide.

Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) has announced that Windows 10 support will end in 2025, despite the company previously stating that Windows 10 would be the last version of Windows.

Microsoft has announced it will end support for Windows 10 in 2025

Rather than stick to smaller 'updates' and offering Windows as a service as opposed to regular big launches (Vista, XP etc), the company seems to have backtracked on these statements to some extent, with Windows 10's timeline now being limited - something no one expected to see when it launched six years ago.

Microsoft is set to announce 'What's next for Windows' later this month

It also has a big announcement on 24th June where we can 'see what's next for Windows', which suggests Microsoft is indeed planning a new version - possibly Windows 11. Nothing is confirmed, but with the updated Windows 10 timeline and June 24th announcement coming close to each other, it seems very likely the announcement could be very significant indeed for PC and laptop owners.

Quite why Microsoft has made the move is open to speculation, but it could be that releasing large updates was proving troublesome - they certainly gave a hideous amount of grief to end users with no end of stability issues that I can personally vouch for - but it's likely the pandemic is the main cause for a change in its plans. PC sales have skyrocketed throughout the pandemic as more of us worked from home or wanted additional home entertainment and communication devices, and giving PC manufacturers an additional selling point of 'Windows 11', for example, might boost sales further.

This is what it's done in the past and most Windows releases also coincided with increased PC and hardware sales thanks to upgrades. It will be interesting to see what Microsoft has planned and you can tune in yourself on June 24th at this link.

Microsoft To End Windows 10 Support On October 14th, 2025

Microsoft is ending support for Windows 10 on October 14th, 2025. It will mark just over 10 years since the operating system was first introduced. Microsoft revealed the retirement date for Windows 10 in an updated support life cycle page for the OS. Thurrott reports that this is the first time Microsoft has ever described the end of support for Windows 10.

It’s not clear exactly when the support document was updated, but Thurrott reports it only previous documented “when specific Windows 10 versions would leave support,” and not the entire OS. It could be another hint that a new version of Windows is on the way.

Microsoft keeps dropping Windows 11 hints

Microsoft has been dropping lots of hints that it’s ready to launch Windows 11. The software maker is holding a special Windows event to reveal the “next generation” of the OS next week. The event starts at 11AM ET, and the event invite includes a window that creates a shadow with an outline that looks like the number 11. Microsoft execs have also been teasing a “next generation of Windows” announcement for months, and one even described it as a “new version of Windows” recently. Microsoft also teased Windows 11 during an 11-minute video last week.
Windows 10 new version 2021
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